Martynas GedIminas

Welcome to the Art Gallery

Martynas Gediminas' paintings are monumental, unpretentious, characterized by self-confidence, a collected and thoughtful look at the environment, using the language of painting (brushstroke, texture, the rhythm of color spots, the layers of paint that shine through each other) to suggest.

The painting is characterized by an economy of artistic expression and aestheticism, allowing one to concentrate on the nuances of shapes and colors, and confirming the eloquence of painterly means. Martynas compensates for the conditionality of the composition with shining silver and gold. The cold aluminum frames only reinforce the warm feeling that radiates from the paintings, which is emanating from the pulsating painterly tones. The artist finds it interesting to improvise, to find harmony between the different poles, or to enjoy painting, to observe how the layers of another color overlaying one color absorb the colour of the ground, giving the painting a kind of shimmer and softness.


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